Kansas City Rugby Teams

Kansas City Rugby Teams

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Team Name: Kansas City Blues

Years from: 1966 to: current
League: Independent and with the Super League Rugby Union
History: Early affiliation with the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1964 and Rockhurst College in 1965. Throughout the 1970's and 80's the Blues became one of the dominant teams in the United States.  The Blues field a roster of 65 players, an Old Boys side (35+ years) called the Blues Brothers, a high school side (Jr. Blues) and a close affiliation with 3 additional high school age sides.  In 1997 the Blues were a founding member of the United States Rugby Super League.


Team Name: Kansas City Jazz

Years from: 1993 to: current
League: USA Rugby
History: The KC Jazz Rugby club consists of approximately 30 players with ages ranging from 19 to 44.  The team has membership in the Heart of America Territory and belongs to the West Union.


Team Name: The Kansas City Rugby Football Club

Years from: 1964 to: current
League: Major League Rugby Division I League
History: Started by Gerald B.A. Seymour.  Team colors: Red, White and Blue


Team Name: Kansas City Rogues

Years from:  2008 to: current
History: Home Pitch: Rockhurst University,54th & Troost, Kansas City, MO


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