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Team Name: Kansas City Flying Monkey Lacrosse

Years from: 1982 to: ?
League: Great Plains Lacrosse League (GPLL)
History: formerly known as the Kansas City Lacross Club



Team Name: KC Select
Years from: ? to: current
League: US Lacrosse Women's Division Post-Collegiate Club




Team Name: Kansas City Power

Years from: 1999 to: current
League: United States Australian Football League



Team Name: Kansas City Explorers

Years from: 1983 to: 2012
League: World Team Tennis

Home Court: Municipal Auditorium, Kemper Arena, Hale Arena, Plaza Tennis Center, and Barney Allis Plaza.

Star Explorer Players: John McEnroe in 1996, Jimmy Connors in 1998, Caroline Wozniacki in 2007, Anna Kournikova in 2003-04.  The Explorers won the World Team Tennis Championship in 2010.

In 2013, the Explorers left Kansas City and moved to Irving, Texas.




Team Name: Kansas City Stars
Years from: 1961 to: December 1961
League: National Bowling League

Home Arena: Midland Theatre




Team Name: Kansas City Lightning

Years from: 1997 to: 1998
League: National Volleyball Association
History:  a Women's professional indoor team

Team Name:  Heart of America Havoc 

Years from: 2013 to current

League: Premier Volleyball League 

Home court: Park Hill High School.




Team Name: Kansas City Ramblers

Years from: 1972 to: current
League: a fictitious team in the MOVIE, "Kansas City Bomber"
History: starring Raquel Welch as the battling roller games queen, named K.C. Carr, Raquel is #11 on the roller derby team, known as the "Kansas Cit Bomber", on the team called the Kansas City Ramblers.



Team Name: Kansas City Black-eyed Susans, Kansas City Dreadnought Dorothy's, Kansas City Knockouts, and Kansas City Victory Vixens.

Years from: 2004 to: current
League: Women's Roller Derby League



Team Name: Kansas City Curling Club

Years from: 1987 to: current
History:  located at 12140 West 135th Street & Quivira, Overland Park, KS 66221


Team Name: Kansas City Cyclones

Years from: 2016


League:  Major League Futsal USA 

Home: Parkville Athletic Complex, Parkville, MO  


Team Name: Kansas City Trailblazers

Years from: 1978 to early 1980's

History: KC played in the Midwestern Division 

League: Major League Rodeo

Home: Benjamin Arena 


 Team Name: Kansas City Outlaws

Years from: 2022 to current


League: PBR Team Series, Pro Bull Riding 

Home: T-Mobile Arena, KCMO. 


Team Name: Kansas City Stingers

Years from: 2024 to current

League: National Pickleball League 



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