Believe It or Not!

Believe It or Not!

This is my story about horseshoes.   

As incredible as it may seem, the following story is absolutely true!......

Believe It or Not!....

I enjoy the game of horseshoes. My grandad got me interested in the game at an early age.
Picnics' and family reunions are where I play the most. I enjoy throwing horseshoes for the fun and competition. I do not play professionally.

In the Summer of 1988, I was playing a game of horseshoes with Loren, my brother. We play with regulation size and weight horseshoes and stakes. The distance between stakes is also regulation, 40 feet. Everything and way about our game of horseshoes one summer day was normal, except for one thing. We had played horseshoes many times, but this time we witnessed the most amazing horseshoe pitching miracle! I threw a horseshoe at the stake, and the horseshoe landed perfectly on top of the stake, without falling to the ground!!! The horseshoe landed perfectly balanced on top of the stake. It did not bounce off the ground either. It left my hand and landed directly on top of the stake! We did not take a photograph, since anyone can take and lay a horseshoe, balanced on the stake. But I did not lay it on the stake, I threw it on there, from 40 feet away! See the below, for a diagram of how it landed....Believe It or Not!


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