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Answers to the sports teams nicknames quiz
Quiz I
The number below is the total possible number of correct answers to grade yourself.

1. Name as many teams as you can where the mascot is a BIRD. Hawks, Falcons, Orioles, Eagles, Cardinals, Penguins, Seahawks, Blue Jays, Mighty Ducks, and Ravens.  10        

2. Name as many teams as you can where the team calls New York, HOME. Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Giants, and Jets.   7

3. Name as many teams as you can where the mascot lives in or around the OCEAN. Whalers, Marlins, Dolphins, Penguins, Sharks, Mighty Ducks, Seahawks, Buccaneers, Mariners, Islanders, Pirates.  11

5. Name as many teams as you can, where the team name refers to a COLOR. Red Sox, White Sox, Blackhawks, Reds, Browns, Red Wings, Blues, Blue Jays, Redskins, Cardinals.  10

6. Name as many teams as you can, where the nickname refers to a NATIVE AMERICAN. Blackhawks, Indians, Chiefs, Warriors, Redskins.  5

7. Name as many teams as you can where the nickname is in the HORSE family. Broncos, Colts, Phillies, Mavericks . 4

8. Name as many teams as you can where the nickname refers to a "holy" or "unholy" mascot. Angels, Padres, Saints, Devils.  4

9. Name as many teams as you can where it has a reference in the mascots name to a HOT TEMPERATURE. 9. Flames, Heat, Suns.  3

10. Name as many teams as you can where the mascot is in the FELINE family. Bengals, Tigers, Lions, Panthers.  4

Quiz II
1. Name as many teams as you can where it's name is in NUMBERS.  49'ers, 76'ers. 2

2. Name the teams with the nickname of RANGERS. New York and Texas. 2

3. What three team mascots appeared in the haunted forest in the movie, "The Wizard of Oz"? Lions, Tigers and Bears. 3

4. Name as many mascots as you can that you might find while hunting in the American Woods. Bucks, Rams, Bears, Timberwolves. 4

5. Name as many mascots you find on a ship at sea. Pirates, Buccaneers, Mariners, Vikings. 4

6. Name the mascots that SOUND good. Blues, Jazz. 2

7. Name the teams that have a logo with a design of what comes out of a "Thunderstorm". Lightning, Chargers.  2

8. Name the teams that don't have a plural name (name without an "s") Heat, Magic, Jazz, Lighting, Wild, Red Sox, White Sox, and Avalanche.  8

9. Name the mascots you will likely find in D.C. Senators, Capitals, Redskins, Wizards, Patriots, Nationals. 6

10. Name the mascots that FLY, but are NOT birds. Jets, Flyers, Hornets, Rockets, Supersonics. 5

Quiz III
1. Name as many STATES where they are the first name of the team, instead of a CITY as the first name. Minnesota, California, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Florida. 7

2. Name as many teams as you can where the first name is NEITHER a state or a city. New England Patriots, Golden State Warriors, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  4

3. Name the two sports that have had (at different times) a "Colorado Rockies" team. Hockey and Baseball. 2

4. What two sports in the SAME city, have had the same team mascot name? St. Louis Cardinals baseball and football team.  The New York Giants baseball team football team.  The New York Yankees football team and baseball team.  The Brooklyn Dodgers baseball and football team.   The Cleveland Indians baseball and football team.  The Cincinnati Reds baseball and football team.  The Detroit Lions baseball and football team.  The Boston Braves baseball and football team.  8

5. Name as many team names that are associated with these HOROSCOPE SIGNS: 
a) Taurus, b)Gemini, c) Aries, d) Leo, e) Pisces.  a) Chicago Bulls, b) Minnesota Twins, c) St.Louis Rams, d)Detroit Tigers, e) Florida Marlins or San Jose Sharks.  6

6. What is the alternative nickname of the New York Yankees? The Bronx Bombers. 1

7. Who are the NFL's "Monsters of the Midway." ? Chicago Bears. 1

8. What is the nickname of the University of Hawaii's teams? "The Rainbows" 1

9. Name the nicknames of teams that share the SAME nickname that are within the four major sports (hockey, baseball, football, basketball). New York Rangers/Texas Rangers; Carolina Panthers/Florida Panthers; Los Angeles Kings/Sacramento Kings; New York Giants/San Francisco Giants; New York Jets/Winnipeg Jets, St. Louis Cardinals/Arizona Cardinals,  Ottawa Senators/Washington Senators.  14

10. In which city, do all 3 professional sports teams have the same team colors? Pittsburg (Black & Yellow - Pirates, Penguins, Steelers)  1

Quiz IV
1. Which Professional Football team only has their logo on one side of their helmet? Pittsburgh Steelers. 1
2. Which Professional Football team has NO logo on their helmets? Cleveland Browns. 1

3. What is the most common college football team nickname?  Tigers 1

4. What is the original nickname of the New York Jets football team?  New York Titans. 1

5. What articles of clothing and what colors for the clothing have teams used for nicknames? White Sox, Red Sox, Brown Stockings, Red Stockings, Blue Jackets. 5

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Sports Players Nicknames ANSWERS

Quiz V
1. The Splendid Splinter Ted Williams
2. The Sultan of Swat Babe Ruth
3. Hammerin' Hank Hank Aaron
4. The Big Unit Randy Johnson
5. The Georgia Peach Ty Cobb
6. The Yankee Clipper Joe Dimaggio
7. The Say Hey Kid Willie Mays
8. Pops Willie Stargel
9. The Rocket Roger Clemens
10. Dr. K Dwight Gooden
11. Charlie Hustle Pete Rose
12. Stan the Man Stan Musial
13. Shoeless Joe Joe Jackson
14.  Oil Can Dennis Boyd
15.  The Wizard of Oz Ozzie Smith
16. Mr. October Reggie Jackson
17. Sweetness Walter Payton
18. The Refrigerator William Perry
19. Too Tall Ed Jones
20. White Shoes Billy Johnson

Quiz VI
1. Mean Joe Greene
2. The Freak Jevon Kearse
3. The Minister of Defense Reggie White
4. Broadway Joe Joe Namath
5. Diesel John Riggins
6. Prime Time Deion Sanders
7. The Snake Kenny Stabler
8. Galloping Ghost Red Grange
9. Bad Moon Andre Rison
10. Bambi Lance Alworth
11. Night Train Dick Lane
12. The Nigerian Nightmare Christian Okoye
13.  The Bus Jerome Bettis
14. Monsters of the Midway Chicago Bears
15. G-Men New York Giants
16. Purple People Eaters Minnesota Vikings
17. The Steel Curtain Pittsburgh Steelers Defense
18. The Dawg Pound Fans at Cleveland Browns homegames.
19. Air Jordan Michael Jordan
20. The Big Dipper Wilt Chamberlain

Quiz VII
1. Godzilla Yao Ming
2. Magic  Ervin Johnson
3. The Mail Man Karl Malone
4. Tiny Nate Archibald
5. Wilt the Stilt Wilt Chamberlain
6. The Worm Dennis Rodman
7. The Great One Wayne Gretzky
8. The Admiral David Robinson
9.  The Bash Brothers Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire
10. The Big Hurt Frank Thomas
11. Boom Boom Ray Mancini
12. Campy Bert Campaneris
13. Catfish Jim Hunter
14. Flo Jo Florence Griffith Joyner
15. The Flying Dutchman Honus Wagner
16. The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus
17. The Great White Shark Greg Norman
18. The Greatest Muhammad Ali
19. The Juice O.J. Simpson
20. The Kansas Comet Gayle Sayers

1. The Man in Black Dale Earnhardt Sr.
2. Meadowlark George Lemon
3. Mr. Cub Ernie Banks
4. Pee Wee Harold Reese
5. Popeye Don Zimmer
6.  Satchel  LeRoy Paige
7.  Smokin' Joe Joe Frazier
8. Spud Anthony Webb
9. Sugar Ray Leonard
10. Yogi Lawrence Berra
11. Thunderfoot Jerrel Wilson
12. Double Duty Ted Radcliffe Nicknamed "Double Duty" because he would pitch the first game of a double header and catch the second game, in Negro Leagues Baseball.

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Quiz VII


Print this page. Grade yourself. Write down the number of correct answers below. Possible # of Correct Answers
1.What college team nicknames that refer to war, fighting or the military?
Archers, Battlers, Blast, Bombers, Boxes, Bullets, Cadets, Captions, Chargers, Commodores, Defenders, Diplomats, Generals, Governors, Keydets, Knights, Lancers, Leathernecks, Mariners, Midshipmen, Minutemen, Patriots, Pilots, Presidents, Rangers, Senators, Spartans, Statement, Swordsmen, Titans, Trojans, Vikings, Volunteers and Warriors
2. What college team nicknames are "heavenly"?
Angels, Beacons, Crusaders, Deacons, Friars, Heralds, Maccabees, Missionaries, Parsons, Preachers, Prophets and Saints
2. What college team nicknames refer to evil?
Demon Deacons, Devils, Pirates, Raiders, Rebels, Savages, Vandals.

4. What college team nicknames refer to ethnic or regional groups?
Aggies, Bonnies, Britons, Celtics, Conquerors, Dutch, Dutchman, Gauchos, Gaels, Fighting Irish, Hoosiers, Mountaineers, Quakers, Saxons, Scots, Scotties, Sooners, Swedes, Tar Heels and Texans
5. What college team nicknames refer to "birds"?
Falcons, Eagles, Ravens, Cardinals, Owls, Golden Eagles, Thunderbirds, Thunderhawks, Hawks, Jayhawks, Penguins, Roadrunners, Red Hawks, Blue Hawks, Shore Hawks, River Hawks, Seahawks, Nighthawks, Warhawks, Bluejays, Power Gulls, Sea Gulls, Skyhawks, Larks, Duhawks, Blackbirds, Stormy Petrels, Pelicans, Osprey, Mean Green Eagles, Ducks, Firebirds, Peacocks, V-hawks, and Herons.

6. What college team nicknames refer to a "color"?
Golden Rams, Golden Flyers, Golden Tigers, Golden Bears, Golden Eagles, Golden Tornados, Golden Bulls, Golden Panthers, Golden Lions, Golden Rams, Gold Rush, Golden Griffins, Golden Hurricane, Golden Knights, Golden Seals, Yellow Jackets, Royals, Scarlet Knights, Scarlet Raptors, Red Dragons, Red Storm, Red Flash, Big Red, Red Foxes, Red Devils, Redbirds, Redmen, Red Raiders, Red Wolves, Crimson Storm, Crimson Tide, Crimson Eagles, Greyhounds, Cardinals, Maroons, Blugolds, Blue Angels, Big Blues, Blue Rebels, Blue Hens, Blue Hawks, Blue Knights, Blues, Royal Blues, Blue Tigers, Blue Devils, Blue Streaks, Bluejays, Blue Boys, White Mules, Black Flies, Blackbirds, Black Bears, Black Squirrels, Black Knights, Green Terror, Green Knights, Mean Green, Green Wave, Big Green, Purple Raiders, Purple Pride, Purple Knights, Purple Aces, Rainbow Warriors,

7. What college team nicknames don't end with the letter "s"?
Midshipmen, Green Wave, The Cardinal, Minutemen, Fighting Illini, Fighting Irish, Thundering Herd, Crimson, Big Green, Big Red, and The Orangemen.



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