Fictional Sports Team Nicknames

Fictional Sports Team Nicknames:

  • Las Venturas Bandits- Grand Theft Auto Series
  • California Pioneers- 1994 Hardball TV Series
  • Los Angles Mastadons- The Seventh Game by Roger Kahn
  • Springfield Isotopes- The Simpsons TV Show
  • Boston Black Beans- Spitballs & Holywater by James Donohue
  • London Kings- Star Trek- Deep Space Nine
  • Metropolis Monarchs- Superman Comic Books
  • Charlotte Banshees- women's team in Juwanna Man
  • Kansas City Ramblers- Kansas City Bomber Movie with Raquel Welch

  • Los Angeles Diablos- Bedazzled 2000 film
  • Flint Tropics- Semi-Pro Movie
  • Charlestown Chiefs- Slap Shot Movie
  • Los Angeles Outlaws- Against All Odds Movie
  • Mean Machine- The Longest Yard Movie
  • Miami Bucks- Semi-Tough Movie
  • North Dallas Bulls- North Dallas Forty Movie
  • Texas State Armadillos- Necessary Roughness Movie
  • Washington Sentinels- The Replacements Movie
  • California Crusaders, Colorado Blizzard, Dallas Knights, Kansas Twisters, Chicago Rhinos, Miami Sharks, Los Angeles Breakers, New York Emperors- Any Given Sunday Movie
  • Minnesota State Screaming Eagles, Orlando Breakers- Coach TV series
  • California Bulls, Chicago Huskies, Houston Stallions, Phoenix Warriors- 1st & Ten TV Series
  • Cleveland Cats, Los Angeles Stallions- The Last Boy Scout Movie
  • Louisville Mystics, South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, University of Louisiana Cougars, Clemson Stars- The Waterboy Movie
  • Sunnydale Razorbacks- Buffy the Vampire Slayers TV series
  • New York Knights, Hebrew Oilers- The Natural Movie
  • Kansas City Knights- Sugar, a HBO Movie series.


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