Greatest Moments in Kansas City Sports History

The Greatest Moments in Kansas City Sports History
By Matt Starr

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1. Royals win 1985 World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals, first World Series Championship in franchise history and came from behind 3-1 games in both the ALCS and World Series. 

2. Chiefs win Super Bowl IV over the Minnesota Vikings, first Super Bowl victory in franchise history. 

3. Royals win 2015 World Series over the New York Mets. 

4. Chiefs appear but lost to the first Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers. 

5. Royals win the Wildcard game, ALDS vs the Angels, ALCS vs the Orioles unbeaten in 2014, and go to the World Series against the San Francisco Giants, all the way to game 7 but lost. 

6. Royals win the pennant in 1980 by sweeping the New York Yankees and go to the first World Series in franchise history against the Philadelphia Phillies. 

7. Wizards win the MLS Cup over the Chicago Fire in 2000.

8. Sporting KC wins the MLS Cup over Real Salt Lake in 2013. 

9. Monarchs win the first Negro League World Series over Hilldale in 1924. 

10. Lamar Hunt moves the Dallas Texans to Kansas City in 1963 to become the Chiefs. 

11. Kansas City is awarded a new MLB franchise after Charley Finley moves the A's to Oakland, and the Royals start in 1969.  

12. In 1975, the final year Kansas City was one of only 8 cities in the US with all four teams of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, for KC it was the Chiefs, Royals, Kings and Scouts.  

13. The Athletics team moves from Philadelphia to Kansas City in 1955. 

14. The Harry S. Truman Sports Complex is completed in 1973, one of the first of it's kind with two stadiums separate for baseball and football. 

15. George Brett of the Royals is inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.

16. Kansas Speedway opens in 2001.

17. The Missouri Comets win the MISL Championship over the Baltimore Blast in 2013. 

18. The FCKC Blues win the NWSL Championship over the Seattle Rein for the second year in a row in 2015. 

19. Buck O'Neil's life time achievements.

20. Kansas City Kings make NBA conference finals in 1981. 




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