Kansas City Sports Mascots

Kansas City Sports Teams Mascots
Name: Warpaint
Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Mascot type: Pinto Horse
Year born: 1963 to: 1989
Fun facts: Warpaint would be ridden around the stadium by Bob Johnson in full headdress Chiefs attire after each Chiefs touchdown. Warpaint lead the Chiefs victory parade after their win of Super Bowl IV. Warpaint was riden bareback by Bob Johnson who wore a full Native American headdress. Warpaint was kept at Benjamin Stables during the off season. Warpaint was replaced by KC Wolf.

Name: Charley O
Team: Kansas City Athletics
Mascot type: Missouri Mule
Year born: 1963 to: 1967
Fun facts:  Owner Charley Finley named the team Mule after himself, Charley O. Charley O replaced the former A's Elephant Mascot. The mule is the state animal of Missouri. Charlie O the Mule was a gift to the A's from Governor of Missouri in 1964. Finley took his five foot tall mule around the country with him, walking him into cocktail parties and hotel lobbies and on one occassion into the press room after a large feeding to annoy reporters. Charlie O died in 1977 and was creamated.

Name: Cowboy Joe
Team: Kansas City Spurs
Year Born: April 14, 1968
Fun facts: Cowboy Joe wore a red-and-white western outfit, with a pair of spurs big enough to urge an elephant into a gallop and a 12 gauge shotgun and some blank shells. 

Name: KC Wolf

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Mascot type: Wolf
Year born: 1989 to: current
Fun facts: KC Wolf replaced Warpaint in 1989. He has 85 inch hips. KC Wolf was named after the Chiefs Fan Group, the Wolfpack. KC Wolf has been played by Dan Meers. Dan was Truman the Tiger, the mascot for the Missouri Tigers before becoming KC Wolf.  He has represented the Chiefs in the Pro Bowl three times and appeared in the 2004 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.   KC Wolf is in the Mascot Hall of Fame as of 2006. 

Name: Fuzzy
Team: Kansas City Attack
Mascot type: Attack Cat
Year born: 1991to: 2001

Name: Sluggerrr

Team:  Kansas City Royals
Mascot type: Lion
Year born: April 5, 1996 to: current
Fun facts: Height: 6' 9". Favorite Song: "The Lions Sleeps Tonight".

Name: Dynamo

Team: Kansas City Wizards
Mascot type: Dragon
Year born: 1996 to: 2011

Name: Chilly
Team: Kansas City Blades
Mascot type: 
Year born: 

Name: Captain Max Runway
Team: Kansas City Brigade
Mascot type: B-2 Bomber Pilot
Year born: June 2007 to: 2008

Name: Sizzle

Team: Kansas City T-Bones
Mascot type: Bull
Year born: March 18, 2003 to: current

Name:  Quarter Pounder

Team:  Kansas City T-Bones
Mascot type: Bull
Year born: 2004 to: current
Fun facts: Quarter Pounder is a real, miniature bull, about 1/4 the size of a full size bull.

Name: Warpaint

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Mascot type: Pinto Horse
Year born: Sept. 20, 2009 to: current
Fun facts: the New Warpaint Horse and rider was introduced during the home opener on Sun. Sept. 20th vs. the Oakland Raiders Game.

Name: Mac

Team: Missouri Mavericks
Mascot type: Horse
Year born: 2009 to: current

Name: Blue
Team: Sporting KC
Mascot type: Dog
Year born: unknown

Name: Hat Trick Harry
Team: Swope Park Rangers
Mascot type: 
Year born:  6/18/2016

Name: Comet the Dog
Team: Kansas City Comets
Mascot type: Dog
Year born: 2019


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