Kansas City Hockey Team Nicknames

Kansas City Hockey Team Nicknames

Team Name: Kansas City Pla-Mors

Years from: 1927 to: 1933
League: American Hockey Association
History: KC Debut January 2, 1928.  Home Ice: Pla-Mor Ice Palace

Team Name: Kansas City Greyhounds
Years from: 1932 to: 1940
League: American Hockey Association
History: After six years as the Pla-Mor's, Kansas City's professional hockey team changed name to the Greyhounds.  The team sponsor was the Greyhound Bus Company.  The Greyhounds were sold in 1940 and renamed the Kansas City Americans.  In 1934, Kansas City defeated St. Louis, 3 games to zero for the Skelly Cup. 
Home Ice: Pla-Mor Ice Palace.   The Greyhounds were affiliated with the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL.

Team Name: Kansas City Americans

Years from: 1940 to: 1942
League:  American Hockey Association
History: Championships: 1941-42 Division Champions.
Home Ice: Pla-Mor Ice Palace.   Team colors: Red, White & Blue.

Team Name: Kansas City Pla-Mors

Years from: 1945 to: 1949
League: United States Hockey League
History: Championships: 1929-30, 1932-33 Regular Season. AHA Champions, 1945-46 Regular Season  USHL Champions, 1946 USHL Champions, 1947-48 Division Champions.  Affiliation: Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) Home Ice: Pla-Mor Arena at 3127 Wyandotte Street, Kansas City, MO

Team Name: Kansas City Mohawks

Years from: 1949 to: 1951
League: United States Hockey League
History: some records indicate the team name as the Royals during the 1950-51 season.

Team Name: Kansas City Royals
Years from: 1950 to: 1951
League:  United States Hockey League
History: Before the "Kansas City Royals Baseball" team, there was a Kansas City Royals Hockey team.

Team Name: Kansas City Blues
Years from: 1967 to: 1972
League:  Central Hockey League
History: NHL St. Louis Blues Farm Team. Just the year before, St. Louis was part of the C.H.L. before they were granted an N.H.L. team.   During their last season, the Blues had an 18 game non-losing streak, setting a CHL record.  
Home Ice: The Pla-Mor Ice Palace was no longer a possible arena to use as it had closed, so an effort was made to have the Blues play in Municipal Auditorium.  That did not work, so they played in the American Royal Arena.  Despite shortcomings of the American Royal Arena, the Blues led the CHL in attendance averaging 4,831 fans per game..  

Team Name: Kansas City Scouts

Years from: 1974 to: 1976
League: National Hockey League
History: The first NHL Franchise in Kansas City was to be named the MO-Hawks, but was rejected and never used.  This would have been the 2nd "Mohawks" named Hockey team in Kansas City. 
The nickname "MO-Hawks" which was to reflect a MO/KS union.  MO for Missouri and Hawks for the Kansas, Jayhawks side.  The Mo-Hawks was rejected by the League and Chicago Black Hawks.   The Scouts nickname was inspired by famous Kansas City "Scout" statue in Penn Valley Park that overlooks Kansas City.   The team logo bears the image of the Scout statue.  The average salary for an NHL player in 1972 was $33,000...and by the time KC got a team three years later, the average salary was three times that at $99,000!  At the time when KC had the Scouts, they were ONE of ONLY EIGHT cities in the United States with FOUR major sports teams for baseball, football, hockey and basketball!  (KC had the Chiefs, Royals, Kings and Scouts) The Scouts Steve Durbano set a record (which still stands) for the most penalty minutes during the 1975-76 season at 209 minutes!  Kemper Arena opens on Nov. 2, 1974 with the Scouts losing 4-3 to the Chicago Blackhawks, with 15,000 in attendance.  The Scouts earned their first home victory defeating the Washington Capitals 5-4 on November 3, 1974 at Kemper Arena. The Scouts later moved to Denver to be renamed the Colorado Rockies (before the Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies!)....which later moved to New Jersey and was renamed the New Jersey Devils.
Home Ice: Kemper Arena.  Last game in Kansas City in Kemper Arena, losing to the Los Angeles Kings 8-6.
Team colors : Blue, red, yellow and white.

Team Name: Kansas City Blues

Years from: 1976 to: 1977
League: Central Hockey League
History: CHL League Champions: 1976-77- Adams Cup.  Home Ice: American Royal Arena until 1977. Kemper Arena after 1977.  Team colours: blue, gold & white.   Affiliations: St. Louis Blues (National Hockey League)

Team Name: Kansas City Redwings

Years from: 1977 to: 1979
League: Central Hockey League
History: NHL Detroit Red Wings Farm Team.  Home Ice: Kemper Arena.
Team colors: Red and white.

Team Name: Kansas City Blades

Years from: 1990 to: 2001
League: International Hockey League
History: The Toledo Goaldiggers relocated to Kansas City to become the Blades.  Affiliation: NHL Hartford Whalers 1990-91, NHL San Jose Sharks 1991-1996. NHL Vancouver Canucks 2000-2001.  Home Ice: Kemper Arena.  Team shut down on June 4, 2001, as IHL folded.
Owner: Russ Parker 
Colors: Red, Black, Silver 

Team Name: Kansas City Outlaws

Years from: 2004 to: 2005
League: United Hockey League
First game Oct. 15, 2004.  Home Ice: Kemper Arena. Team colors burgundy, gold, and black

Team Name: Kansas City Mavericks 

Years from: 2009 to: current
League: Central Hockey League
History: Final nicknames that were considered before picking the nickname as the Mavericks: Independence: Freedom, Ice Hawks, Outlaws, Pioneers, Presidents, Missouri: Bullfrogs, Express, Maulers, and Mules.  Home Ice: Independence Events Center- (IEC), later called Silverstone Eye Care Arena.  First home game Nov. 13, 2009, with the Mavericks beating the Wichita Thunder 3-2.  Team colors: light blue and orange. Starting in 2016, the Mavericks played in the East Coast Hockey League and were an affiliate of the New York Islanders and St. Louis Blues. The Missouri Mavericks changed their name to the Kansas City Mavericks starting in the 2017-18 season.  

Team Name: Kansas City Scouts
Years from: 2020 to 2021
League: North American Hockey League
History:  The Topeka Pilots of the NAHL changed their name and location to rebrand them as the Kansas City Scouts in 2020.  Owner is Lamar Hunt Jr.  They have the same name, Scouts, as the NHL team in 1974-76.  This Scouts logo has the shape of an arrowhead and eagle.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the team did not play any official games.  In May 2021, the club sold their membership to a group to form a new team in Amarillo, TX.  
Team colors: red, white, blue, yellow 
Home ice: Kansas City Ice Center, Shawnee, KS 


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