Kansas City Football Team Nicknames

Kansas City Football Team Nicknames

Team Name: Kansas City Blues
Years from: 1924 to: 1925
League: APFL National Football League
History: Kansas City's first NFL franchise was granted on Jan. 26, 1924.  Many of the players played BOTH offense and defense.  In their only season, the Blues record was 2 wins and 7 losses. The Blues were named after the Kansas City Blues popular minor league baseball team at the time.  The Blues changed their name to the Cowboys in 1925.  (before the Dallas Cowboys Football Team)
Team colors: Black and white.  Home Field: None.  The Blues competed as a traveling team, playing all of their NFL games in other cities' stadiums in their only year under that name.  Kansas City was the western most city in the NFL at the time.  Most teams didn't want to travel as far west as Kansas City.

Team Name: Kansas City Cowboys

Years from: 1925 to: 1926
League: APFL National Football League
History: Formerly the Blues in 1924.  The Cowboys nickname was chosen from the former National League Baseball team in Kansas City, the Kansas City Cowboys.  Colors: Black and White.  Home field: Muehlebach Stadium.  The team had future hall of famers Little Joe Guyon, Steve Owen and Ken Strong.  1925 Cowboys Roster (record 2-5-1) For the 1925 season, they played all of their games on the road.  1926 Cowboys Roster  (record 8-3)  On July 16, 1927, Kansas City suspends operations with permission from the league.  Many of the Kansas City players went to the new Cleveland Bulldogs team.

Team Name: Kansas City Blues
Years from 1934 to 1934
League: American Football League
History: The St. Louis Blues team moved to Kansas City and were the AFL Champions with a 7-0-1 record.  KC kept the Blues team nickname as that was the name of the KC baseball team at the time. 

Team Name: Kansas City Chiefs
The Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City to become the CHIEFS Kansas City Chiefs Wolfpack logo Kansas City Chiefs, early logo Kansas City Chiefs, current logo and helmet Kansas City Chiefs uniform
Years from: 1963 to: current
League: American Football League, National Football League
History: Franchise started in 1959 as the Dallas Texans.  With strong competition with the Dallas Cowboys for fans, the Texans looked to move the franchise to New Orleans.  Owner Lamar Hunt considered keeping the "Texans" name, as the Kansas City Texans.  The Dallas "Texans" was the first "Texans" in the NFL, before the current Houston "Texans".  Mr. Hunt also considered naming the team the Mules, Royals, Stars, and Steers.  The names Royals and Mules were the most popular by vote.  Everett Diemer won the contest to name the Chiefs and won a 1963 Plymouth Valiant car.  The Chiefs played in the very first Super Bowl game on Jan. 15, 1967, losing to the Green Bay Packers 35-10, played in Los Angeles.  AFL Champions , 1967 & 1970. January 11, 1970 the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. Super Bowl IV Champions, on Jan. 11, 1970 the Chiefs win Super Bowl IV over the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in New Orleans.  The Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs! Former Mascot: Warpaint (horse, while the Kansas City Athletics had a mule mascot, Charlie O the Mule)
Current Mascot: KC Wolf.
Home Field: Municipal Stadium-- 1963 to 1971.  The first game at Municipal had 5,712 fans in attendance.  Owner Lamar Hunt sketched the Chiefs logo for the helmets on a napkin, with the interlocking KC design similar to the SF design of the San Francisco 49'ers.
Home: Arrowhead Stadium-- 1972 to current. First Game at Arrowhead on September 17, 1972, a crowd of 78,829 saw the Chiefs loose to the Miami Dolphins 20-10.  Arrowhead Stadium is part of the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex, which includes Kauffman Stadium.
Team colors: Red, white and yellow. (When the AFL teams were first formed, Lamar Hunt wanted Columbia Blue and Orange for the Dallas Texans, but Bud Adams chose those colors for the Houston Oilers first.  Lamar then chose red and gold for the Texans, which remains the color scheme for the Chiefs today.) To replace the Dallas Texans logo for the move to Kansas City, owner Lamar Hunt sketched an arrowhead design on a napkin.  Hunt's inspiration for the interlocking KC design was the SF inside of an oval on the San Francisco 49ers helmets.  From 1960-73 the Chiefs had gray facemask bars on their helmets, but changed to white bars in 1974.

Team Name: Kansas City Steers
Years from: 1967 to: 1971
League:  Mid West Professional Football League

Team Name: Kansas City Jazz

Years from: 1992 to: 2008
League: South Central Football League, North American Football League

Team Name: Kansas City Bulldogs

Years from: 1993 to: 2008 
League: South Central Football League

Team Name: Kansas City Panthers

Years from: 1997 to: current
League: South Central Football League, North American Football League
History: Home Field: Park Hill High School, Kansas City, MO

Team Name: Kansas City Krunch

Years from: 2003 to: 2005
League: Independent Women's Football Association
History: Home Field: J C Harmon High School, 2400 Steele Rd, Kansas City, KS 66106

Team Name: Kansas City Storm

Years from: 2004 to: current
League: Women's Spring Football League
History: Founded in 2004, first inaugural game in 2005. In 2007, they were crowned Division Champions.  Games are played on Saturday nights at 7:00pm, during the 8 game season April to June.
Home Field: North Kansas City High School

Team Name: Kansas City Shockers

Years from: 2004 to: current
League: North American Football League
History:  Home Field:  Kaw Field, Sugar Creek, MO

Team Name: Kansas City Thunderstorm
Years from: 2006 to: 2006
League: American Professional Football League
History: The St. Joseph Storm was suspended from the league before the 2006 season began.  Then, the Kansas City Thunderstorm and Columbia Outlaws played in their place.

Team Name: Kansas City Brigade

Years from: 2006 to: 2008
League: Arena Football League
History: Team colors: Carolina Blue, Silver and Black.   The logo represents a stealth bomber flying overhead, symbolizing the AFL’s on-field theme: high octane, fast and powerful offense.  The stealth bombers home is nearby at Whiteman Air Force Base.  Other team name finalists: Brush Creekers, Express, Strike, and Bombers.
Home Field: Kemper Arena 2006-07, Sprint Center 2007 to 2008.  The AFL suspended operations due to economic times after the 2008 season.

Team Name: Kansas City Tribe

Years from: 2007 to: 2010
League: Woman's Football Alliance
Home Field: Center High School, Kansas City, MO.

Team Name: Kansas City Spartans

Years from: 2010 to: 2013
League: Women's Football Alliance
History: Women's tackle football

Team Name: Kansas City Bulldogs

Years from: 2008 to: current
League: Central Plains Football League
History: Started as the Independence Bulldogs in 2008.  Home Field: 17200 E. Salisbury Rd, Independence, MO, then moved to 620 E. 23rd Ave., Kansas City, MO. Team colors: Red, White and black accents.

Team Name: Missouri Mustangs

Years from: 2007 to: 2015
League: Central Plains Football League
History: Eight Man Team- Outdoor. Home field: William Jewell College. Team colors: Maroon, black and white

Team Name: Kansas City Command

Years from: 2011 to: 2012
League: Arena Football League
History: Formerly named the Brigade.  See above Brigade team information. The team was reformed in 2010 in a new league, kept the same B2 bomber logo but changed the nickname to Command.  Home Field: Sprint Center

Team Name: Kansas City Matadors

Years from: 2011 
League: American Professional Football League

Team Name: Kansas City Titans
Years from: 2012 to current
League: Women's Football Alliance (WFA)
Home: Shawnee Mission West High School. 

Team Name: Midwest Titans
Years: 2014
Location: North Kansas City, MO
Team colors: orange, white and black
League: Midwest Football Alliance 

Team Name: Kansas City Marshals 
Years:  2014
Location: William Jewell College  
League: Central Football League 

Team Name: Missouri Thundercats
Years: 2013
Location: Kansas City, MO
League: Independent Women's Football League

Team Name: Kansas City Thunder Katz
Years:  2014
Location: North Kansas City, MO
League: Midwest Football League 

Team Name:  Kansas City Renegades
Years from: 2012 to 2013
League: Champions Professional Indoor Football League
History: formerly the KC Command.
Team Colors: Black, Purple, Gold & White
Home Field: Kemper Arena

Team Name: Kansas City Phantoms
Years from: 2017 to 2018
League: Indoor Football League
History:  First game March 31, 2017 
Team Colors: Blue and Gold 
Home Field: Indoor Football at the Silverstein Eyecare Arena in Independence, MO

Team Name: Kansas City Glory
Years from: 2019 to current
League:  Woman's National Football Conference 
Team Colors:
Home Field: 

Team Name: Kansas City Force
Years from: 2020 to current
League: Xtreme Football League (Women's Football League) 
Team Colors:
Home Field: Silverstein Eye Center Arena, Independence, MO

Team Name: Kansas City Kapitals
Years from: 2020 to current
League: National Gridiron League (NGL)
History: First game:   The team moved from Topeka as the Kansas Kapitals on Feb. 27, 2020 to play in Kansas City.  
Team Colors: 
Home Field: Municipal Auditorium 

Team Name: Kansas City Goats
Years from: 2024 to current
History: The Goats were one of the four inaugural teams of The Arena League, an indoor football league with unique rules.  The goat nickname honors former city council member Tom Pendergast-- whose faction was nicknamed "the Goats"- for his role in pushing through construction of Municipal Auditorium. 
Team Colors:
Home Field: Municipal Auditorium. 


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