Kansas Citians in the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Notable persons from Kansas City who are in the

National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

Notable Kansas Citians
in the National Baseball Hall of FameCooperstown, NY
Name Team Year Inducted Notes
Joe Gordon
Kansas City Royals
In 1969, Joe became the first manager of the Kansas City Royals. He was a nine-time All-Star with the Yankees and Indians.
Buck O'Neil Kansas City Monarchs 2008 He was a first baseman, hitting .281 in twelve seasons, mostly with the Kansas City Monarch's. Buck was the first black coach in MLB, for the Cubs in 1962. Buck worked as a scout for the Kansas City Royals. He was a beloved ambassador to baseball and spokesman for the Negro Leagues Baseball and it's museum. He was awarded the first Baseball Lifetime Achievement Award, named in his memory.
George Brett Kansas City Royals 1999 Primarily a Third baseman. He helped the Royals to the 1980 and 1985 World Series. He was the first KC Royal inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Royal.
Denny Matthews Kansas City Royals broadcaster 2007 Radio Voice of the Royals since 1969.
Joe McGuff Kansas City Star Newspaper Writer 1984 He was instrumental in securing an expansion franchise for Kansas City that became the Royals.
Satchel Paige Kansas City Monarchs and Kansas City A's 1971 Pitcher, who played for the Monarchs 12 years. Probably the best pitcher of his time. He played one game with the A's.
Casey Stengel New York Yankees 1966 Born and raised in Northeast Kansas City as Charles Dillon Stengel, playing baseball at Central High School and the semi-professional teams of the Kansas City Red Sox and the Kansas City Blues, etc. before gaining his nickname as a member of the Major League Brooklyn Dodgers in 1912 and going on to manage the New York Yankees to 10 pennants and a record 7 world championships in 12 years through the early 1960s.
J.L. Wilkinson Kansas City Monarchs 2006 Monarchs Team Owner and helped found the Nego Leagues Baseball League.
"Bullet" Joe Rogan Kansas City Monarchs 1998 Pitcher and manager in the 1920's and 30's.
Hilton Smith Kansas City Monarchs 2001 Pitcher (often relieving Satchel Paige)
Charles "Kid" Nichols Kansas City Blue Stockings
1949 He pitched in 1888-1903. Retired in KC, where he gave up pitching for bowling
Orlando Cepada Kansas City Royals
Played 33 games for KC in 1974
Harmon Killebrew Kansas City Royals
Played for KC in 1975
Gaylord Perry Kansas City Royals
Pitched his final 14 games with KC before retiring in 1983.
Bob Lemon Kansas City Royals
Hall of Fame Pitcher. Royals manager 1970-72.
Enos Slaughter Kansas City A's
He played parts of two seasons in KC.
Reggie Jackson Kansas City A's
Mr October started in KC in 1967.
Catfish Hunter Kansas City A's in 1965

Mickey Mantle Kansas City Blues in 1951
He was later called up to the NY Yankees
Lou Boudreau Kansas City A's
He managed the A's in 1955-57.
Phil Rizzuto Kansas City Blues
Shortstop. Former New York Yankee's shortstop and announcer. He payed two seasons with the Kansas City Blues (1939, 1940) and in 1940 was the minor-league player of the year.
Whitey Ford Kansas City Blues
Pitcher. He was later called up to the NY Yankees
Ernie Banks Kansas City Monarchs
Played for KC in 1950 and 1953. Later played for the Cubs
Jackie Robinson Kansas City Monarchs
Played for KC in 1945. He later broke the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.
Cool Papa Bell Kansas City Monarchs
Center fielder.
Willard Brown Kansas City Monarchs
Center fielder.
Andy Cooper Kansas City Monarchs
Pitcher and manager.
Bill Foster Kansas City Monarchs
Jose Mendez Kansas City Monarchs
Player and manager
Turkey Stearnes Kansas City Monarchs
Center fielder
Cristobal Torriente Kansas City Monarchs
Center fielder
Willie Wells Kansas City Monarchs
Tracy Ringolsby Kansas City Star Newspaper Writer

"Sliding" Billy Hamilton Kansas City Cowboys
He hit .301, had 77 RBI's and stole 117 bases with the KC Cowboys in 1889.


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