Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame

This is the All Starr Sports Zone- Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame
Division Championships
1966, 1968, 1971, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2010
1969 World Champions- Super Bowl IV

Arrowhead Stadium, since 1972 at the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex
The NEW Arrowhead Stadium, 1 Arrowhead Drive, Kansas City, MO.   "Oh say can you see......and the land of the brave, and the Home of the CHIEFS!"  Kansas City fans are known among the loudest and most enthusiastic in the NFL.
The Chiefs played in the FIRST Super Bowl on Jan. 15, 1967, but lost to the Green Bay Packers.  The Chiefs won Super Bowl IV on Jan. 11, 1970 against the Minnesota Vikings by the score 23-7.


Members of the Kansas City CHIEFS Hall of Fame in the order they were inducted:
  • Lamar Hunt*
1932-2006 Hunt moved the 1962 AFL Champion Dallas Texans to Kansas City and renamed them the Chiefs.   Founder of the CHIEFS, AND the American Football League.  Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, since 1972. Among the founders of the American Football League in 1959
The principal negotiator of the AFL-NFL merger in 1966.  First AFL figure to be inducted into the pro football hall of fame.  The world football championship game, called "Super Bowl" was a term originally coined by Lamar Hunt after seeing one of his child playing with a "superball".  Football's AFC League Championship trophy is named the Lamar Hunt Trophy.  He was one of the driving forces in the creation of the Truman Sports Complex in 1972, with a separate stadium for football and one for baseball at a time when other cities had both sports in ONE stadium.  In 1996, charter owner operator of the Kansas City Wizards, Columbus Crew and Dallas Burn of Major League Soccer.
He helped form World Championship Tennis in 1967.  Once owned the Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun Theme parks.   Minority owner of the Chicago Bulls and two minor league baseball teams in Ft. Worth and Dallas, TX.  Member of the Halls of Fame: International Tennis Hall of Fame, United States Soccer Hall of Fame, National Soccer Hall of Fame, Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, Texas Sports Hall of Fame, Texas Business Hall of Fame, and the Kansas City Business Hall of Fame.
  • Mack Lee Hill Running Back
  • Jerry Mays Defensive Tackle
  • Fred Arbanas Tight End
  • Johnny Robinson Safety
  • Chris Burford End
  • E.J. Holub Center/Linebacker
  • Jim Tyrer Tackle
  • Mike Garrett Running Back
  • Len Dawson* Quarterback, MVP of Super Bowl IV.  A member of Pro Football Hall of Fame, in 1987.
  • Bobby Bell* Linebacker  Was the FIRST CHIEFS player to become a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in 1983.
  • Buck Buchanan* Defensive Tackle.  Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1990.
  • Otis Taylor Wide Receiver
  • Ed Budde Guard
  • Willie Lanier* Linebacker  Member of Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1986.
  • Emmitt Thomas Cornerback  Member of Pro Football Hall of Fame, 2008.  Ranks 9th all-time interceptions with 58, which is a Chiefs record.  Led NFL with team-record 12 interceptions in 1974...led AFL with 9 interceptions in 1969, added 3 more during playoffs including 1 in the Super Bowl win over the Vikings.   5 interceptions returned for TD's.  5 Pro Bowls.
  • Hank Stram* Head Coach
  • Jerrel Wilson Punter
  • Ed Podolak Running Back
  • Jim Lynch Linebacker
  • Abner Haynes Running Back
  • Jan Stenerud* Kicker  Member of Pro Football Hall of Fame, 1991.
  • Sherrill Headrick Linebacker
  • Jack Rudnay Center
  • Curtis McClinton Running Back
  • Deron Cherry Safety
  • Dave Hill Offensive Tackle
  • Art Still Defensive End
  • Lloyd Burruss Safety
  • Christian Okoye Running Back
  • Derrick Thomas Linebacker Member National Football Hall of Fame, 2009.  116 1/2 sacks in the 1990's more than any other player 126 1/2 career sacks 45 forced fumbles-a Chiefs career record, plus he recovered 19 and returned four for touchdowns.  20 sacks in 1990, a Chiefs single season record, 3 safeties, third in NFL history.  7 sacks in a single game- still an NFL record.  Chiefs Team MVP for 1991.  1992 NFL Man of the Year Award- on field performance and community service.
    Dec 1997, went to his ninth straight Pro Bowl.
  • John Alt Tackle
  • Gary Spani Linebacker
  • Joe Delaney Running Back
  • Jack Steadman Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Neil Smith Defensive End
  • Albert Lewis Safety
  • Curley Culp Defensive Tackle, Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013 Class
  • Nick Lowry Kicker. All time leading scorer for the Chiefs
  • Marty Schottenheimer Coach. Coach 1989-1998 with regular season record of 101-58-1 a .634 winning percentage.  7 of his 10 Chief teams went to the playoffs.
  • Kevin Ross Cornerback
  • Will Shields. Offensive line, 1993-2006, 12-time Pro Bowl
  • Gary Barbaro Safety, 3x Pro Bowl, 39 interceptions, 102 yd TD return is the longest interception in club history.
  • Priest Holmes, Running back, 2001-07, 3x Pro Bowl, NFL rushing leader in 2001
  • Gary Green, Cornerback, 1977-83, 4x Pro Bowls, 33 career interceptions.
  • Tony Richardson, 1995-2005, fullback, 3x Pro Bowls 
  • Carlos Carson, 1980-89, 2x Pro Bowl, 6,372 career receiving yards with 33 TD's. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame Members
That played with the Chiefs, but not yet a member of the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame
  • Mike Webster- Center 1997
  • Joe Montana- Quarterback 2000
  • Marv Levy- Coach, 2001
  • Marcus Allen- Running back 2003
  • Warren Moon- Quarterback 1999-2000
  • Willie Roaf- Offensive tackle 2002-2005
Kansas City Cowboys in the Pro Football Hall of Fame:
Joe Guyon and Steve Owens

Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl I (originally called the NFL-AFL World Championship Game)
Played on:  January 15, 1967
Location: Los Angles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 61,946
Cost of 30-second commercial: $42,000
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers
MVP- Bart Starr, Green Bay.
The Kansas City Chiefs entered the game with a 11-2-1 record during the regular season.  In the AFL Championship game, the Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 31-7.  This game was the only Super Bowl to be broadcast in the USA by TWO TV networks simultaneously, CBS and NBC.  (except later in 2007 the Patriots and Giants were broad cast on multiple networks).  There were two kickoffs to start the second half.  Coming out of halftime, NBC didn't cut back from the commercial in time to catch the opening kickoff, so the network got the NFL to have the two teams replay the kick.   This was the only Super Bowl in history that was not a sellout in terms of attendance, despite a blackout in the Los Angeles area.  Tickets for the game cost a then exorbiant $12.  The halftime show was performed by Al Hirt and marching bands from University of Arizona and Grambling State.  The Packers representing the NFL wanted to use the NFL official football, which is made by Wilson. The Kansas City Chiefs of the AFL wanted to use their ball, the J5-V skinny ball, which was made by Spaulding.  The AFL ball was longer and narrower than the NFL football.  Since neither team wanted to use the other teams balls, they did a compromise.  They let each team use its own footballs for their plays.  
Score by quarter:
Team 1 2 3 4 Final Score
Kansas City Chiefs 0 10 0 0 10
Green Bay Packers 7 7 14 7 35
Super Bowl IV
Played on:  January 11, 1970
Location: Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
Attendance: 80,562
Cost of 30-second commercial: $78,000
Kansas City Chiefs vs. Minnesota Vikings
MVP- Len Dawson, KC Chiefs
Halftime show: Mardi Gras with Carol Channing.  The Vikings were 13 point favorites coming into the game.  This was the last game played by an AFL team, the Chiefs, before the AFL-NFL merger.  Chiefs coach Hank Stram wore a hidden microphone that would be kept secret, as it was the first time that a head coach wore one during a Super Bowl.  Before the Chiefs first touchdown, Stram sends the now famous play, "65 toss power trap", which the Chiefs scored a touchdown on that play.
Team 1 2 3 4 Final Score
Kansas City Chiefs 3 13 7 0 23
Minnesota Vikings 0 0 7 0 7


Kansas City Chiefs in the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame
  • Lamar Hunt
  • Will Shields
  • Len Dawson
  • Otis Taylor
  • Bobby Bell
  • Hank Stram
  • Jan Stenerud
  • Fred Arbanas
  • Ed Buddy
  • Johnny Robinson
  • Willie Lanier
  • Marcus Allen
  • Deron Cherry
  • Christian Okoye
  • Jim Kearney
  • Art Still
  • Curtis McClinton
  • Neal Smith
  • Derrick Thomas

A Tribute to Warpaint
Warpaint was a pinto horse used by the Chiefs from 1963 to 1989.   The Chiefs faithful stallion and "Chief" would circle the field at the beginning of the game  and run a victory dance across the  field after each Chiefs Touchdown!  Warpaint  lead the victory parade after the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV.   Warpaint was replaced as the mascot in 1989 by KC Wolf.   The NEW Warpaint!  (starting in 2009)

Kansas City Chiefs Retired Numbers
  • Jan Stenerud # 3
  • Len Dawson # 16
  • Abner Haynes # 28
  • Stone Johnson # 33
  • Mack Lee Hill # 36
  • Derrick Thomas # 58
  • Willie Lanier #63
  • Bobby Bell # 78
  • Buck Buchanan # 86
  • Emmitt Thomas # 18
The number 37 has not been worn since the death of Joe Delaney and is considered to be unofficially retired.

Heisman Trophy Winners who have played for the Kansas City Chiefs:
  1. Mike Garrett- Heisman Trophy winner in 1965 with the University of Southern California
  2. Marcus Allen- Heisman Trophy winner in 1981 with the University of Southern California

The All Starr Sports Zone- Kansas City Chiefs Dream Team
The Best Chiefs of All Time- 53 Man Roster
Quarterback, Len Dawson, Trent Green
Running Back, Priest Holmes, Christian Okoye, Marcus Allen, Ed Podolak, Mike Garrett, Abner Haynes
Wide Receiver, Otis Taylor, Chris Burford, Henry Marshall, Stephone Paige
Tight End, Tony Gonzalez, Fred Arbanas
Tackle, Dave Hill, Willie Roaf, Jim Tyrer, Rich Baldinger
Guard, Ed Budde, Will Shields, Tom Condon, Dave Martin
Center, Jack Rudnay, E.J. Holub

Defensive End, Jerry Mays, Neil Smith, Art Still, Jarred Allen
Defensive Tackle, Buck Buchanan, Jerry Mays, Curley Culp, Dan Saleamua
Linebacker, Derrick Thomas, Bobby Bell, Jim Lynch, Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, Willie Lanier, Mike Maslowski
Cornerback, Albert Lewis, Lloyd Burress, Emmitt Thomas, Gary Green, Jim Marsalis
Safety, Deron Cherry, Jim Kearney, Johnny Robinson, Kevin Ross

Kicker, Jan Stenarud, Nick Lowry
Punter, Jerrel Wilson, Louie Aguiar
Kick Returner, Nolan "Super Gnat" Smith, Dante "X-factor" Hall
HEAD COACH, Hank Stram


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