W-LEAGUE W-1 and W-2 Teams 
Denver Diamonds
Colorado Gold
Fort Collins Force
Delaware Genies
Tampa Bay Extreme
Jacksonville Jade
Atlanta Classics
Chicago Cobras
Rockford Dactyls
Indiana Blaze
Kansas City Mystics
Kentucky Fillies
Maryland Pride
Boston Renegades
Springfield Sirens
Kalamazoo Quest
Jackson Calypso
New Hampshire Lady Falcons
New Jersey Lady Stallions
New Jersey Wildcats
Long Island Riders
New York Magic
Rochester Ravens
Raleigh Wings
Charlotte Lady Eagles
Piedmont Spark
Cleveland Eclipse
Cincinnati Ladyhawks
Oklahoma Outrage
Rhode Island Rays
Dallas-North Texas Heat
Austin Lady Lone Stars
Houston Tornados
Northern Virginia Majestics
Laval Dynamites
New Brunswick Power
Ottawa Fury
Toronto Inferno


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