American Basketball Association

Jersey Express
New York City Thunder
New York Red Raiders
Youngstown Swish
Maryland Marvels
Cleveland Rockers
Kansas City Stars
Tri City Suns
Chicago Steam
Grand Rapids Flight
Akron Rise
Lake Michigan Admirals
Colubus Crush
Detroit Hoops
Pittsburgh Phantoms
Kentucky Bisons
Bluegrass Stallions
East Kentucky Miners
Smoky Mountain Jam
St. Louis Stunners
West Virginia Blazers
Atlanta Vision
Bahama All Pro Show
Music City Stars
Georgia Prowl
Charlotte Crossover
Carolina Kings
SETX Mavericks
Houston Takers
West Texas Whirlwinds
North Texas Fresh
Dallas Generals
Texas Fuel
San Francisco Rumble
Seaside Seakings
Sacramento Heatwave
Salt Lake City Saints
Chico Rage
Clayton Showtime
Mississippi Blues
Columbus Life
Florida Thundercats
Washington Raptors
Seattle Zhen
Seattle Mountaineers
San Diego Surf
Riverside Rainmakers
Las Vegas Aces
Los Angeles Slam
Honolulu Pegasus
Central Valley Dawgs
Compton Cobras
California Beach Ballers


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